Friday, 7 September 2012

Choosing The Best Domain Name Registrar

If you are going to make a website then you need a domain name for starters and choosing the correct company to keep hold of your name for you is vital. Choosing the best domain name registrar is not a simple task since many offer very competitive pricing structures and offer very similar services. From a large selection of registrars there are a few key players which tend to stand out above the rest. For example some of the most common options are GoDaddy and namecheap.

Before you start buying a load of domain names under one particular company do a little research and check out some of the terms of the services each domain registrar offers.

Monday, 16 July 2012

How Can You Avoid Google Penguin & Panda?

Many people have been affected by the latest Google algorithms named Panda & Penguin. If you haven't been affected you must have been doing everything right or you just started in internet marketing and possibly want some tips on how to avoid getting penalised by Google in the future.

The animal rampage that Google has been on has seen many people lose considerable income online. From small time internet marketers just starting out to large scale blog networks such as Build My Rank. No stone has been left unturned and i'm sure many more will be turned over in the future.

There are many methods for ranking websites in the search engines, some of them work a treat until Google catches on and eventually penalises those sites for bad practice. If you would like to learn some internet marketing tips & tricks that can future proof your site and increase your chances of a successful internet business then visit

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Google Adding Analytics Data To Adwords?

According to what I just read over at search engine land Google might be including analytics data in AdWords.

A Google spokesperson said:
“We are currently conducting a small beta test to provide advertisers with more insight into campaign effectiveness.”
This doesn't mean its definite but you know when they start beta tests things are starting to kick into gear. The kind of data this is going to give us access to is great, and on top of that we wont have to pay for some services which offer this feature currently.